Programs & Services

Our Programs & Services

Our list of programs and services may seem long! That’s because it is constantly growing and changing. Each of the programs and services listed below arose out of necessity.Our highest priority is always to create a better quality of life for our children and the communities in which they live. That starts with making sure they have the basics – food, shelter, water, and safety. Then we can work on love, belonging, self esteem, and self actualization.

Angel Fund

Nearly half of donations we receive are used to provide financial support and basic needs for the children, including bus passes, food, clothing, school supplies, living expenses, transportation expenses, utilities, and medicine.

Life Skills Classes

This is our most heavily attended class, held weekly. We discuss and address current issues in the students’ lives, and teach them problem solving skills, awareness, morals and ethics, philosophies and life advice.

Anger Management Counseling

Professional counseling is provided for students to help them work through crisis and anger management issues, including grief counseling, gang related violence, spiritual growth, etc.

Speed Reading Classes

This popular program teaches students to read rapidly and comprehend what they’re reading. Our students also practice giving ora presentations on their reading in this class.

Boys and Men’s Brainstorming Sessions

This is a life skills class particularly for males in crisis. They discuss ways in which they can transcend their current condition and avoid the pitfalls of society that young men in underprivileged communities face, such as unemployment, drug abuse, gang violence, and homelessness.

Job Training and Placement

Students are trained in basic job skills such as clerical/office management, cleaning, care-giving, preparing meals, etc. Students are hired to do part time work at MHH for a monthly stipend. Volunteers and mentors provide students with appropriate job opportunities, and help them hone skills in building a resume and interviewing for a job.


Children come weekly to get assistance with their homework, and improve on their reading and writing skills.


Volunteer mentors are paired with students, and provide spiritual guidance, financial support, counseling, and life-skills training.

Parent Counseling

We assist parents with parenting skills and coping mechanisms for crisis situations, as well as depression, drug abuse, financial responsibility, etc. Parents who are reported to MHH for physically or emotionally abusing a child are put into a six month long counseling program, with the understanding that if they abuse the child in any way during or after the counseling program, they will be reported. We exhaust every effort in keeping families together.

School Visitation and Student Advocacy

We work with the students’ schools to keep them on track with their education and keep an open dialogue with the student’s teachers and counselors. We are also listed as guardians for many of the students in their parents’ absence in cases of crisis or emergency.​

Birthday Cake Ministry

The ministry makes a birthday cake for each student on his/her birthday, and MHH celebrates with them. Some of our children had never had their own birthday cake before coming to MHH.

Prison Ministry

The ministry advocates for youth and adults who are in prison, and assists them in building a stable life when they are released by providing clothing, food, job referrals, and moral and spiritual support.