New Charter School Program Beginning in September

MHH Enlightenment Academy Charter School will be opening on September 1, 2016. The charter school will be composed of ten students working to obtain high school diplomas. Virtual curriculum will be completed online, with weekly tutoring and assignments. Completed assignments will be faxed to the state for assessing. After each student has completed required workload equated with earning HS diploma they will be issued their diploma. The purpose of the MHH Enlightenment Academy is to reduce the number of young adults who have not earned their HS diploma, in turn making the recipients more employable. The charter school also provides a safe setting for teens who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional school system due to the increase in violence. Shari Randolph will be the acting principal in connection with Stop the Violence, Increase the Peace organization, which has two additional charter schools in the Los Angeles and Inglewood area.

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