Meet Mama Hill

Meet Millicent “Mama” Hill

About Mama
Millicent Hill is a retired school teacher with LAUSD. Over her 45-year career as an award-winning educator, poet, and activist, Millicent has changed the lives of thousands of youngsters through her innovative teaching style. Today she and her small staff cover an array of issues within the core curricula-from anger management to teen pregnancy-as most of her youngsters are living under the cloud of violence, grief, abandonment or abuse, which all too often impedes their ability to learn.

Mama Hill’s Library
Believe Publications presents three books central to all stages of at-risk youth development – From Jail to A Job, The Teenager’s Guide to Getting A Job, and The Secret to Getting Better Grades.

2 Late 4 Time Out: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Juvenile Justice System is a primer on pre-delinquency and how to arrest negative behaviors from the onset. For more information, please click here.​

Millicent also has a blog, which you can view by clicking here.