A Letter From Our Cookie…

This is an open letter from one of our Cookies to the Mentors and Volunteers who have been there for him over the years that he’s been with Mama Hill’s Help. He’s asked to remain anonymous online…

Dear St. Francis and Family,

I’ve been thinking lately about what happens in my mind when I am faced with racism, approached by a gang member, or approached with negativity in any instance. I realized that

whenever oppression bears its presence I seem to think about the good times that I have had in my life. When reminiscing on the pleasures life has brought me, of course St. Francis comes to mind. I think of the four occasions I was sponsored to attend Camp Stevens, the wonderful Christmas celebrations I was invited to be part of, along with the wonderful gifts I received from the families of the congregation. You guys are a major portion of the happy memories that I rely on to keep me going on a daily basis.

I have learned so much from you all. Marcia has worked with me on my grammar and been someone I could talk to who understood my point of view and whatever issue I may have been having. Of course I cannot forget all of Ms. Jo’s love and unconditional support. She is a gem only God could have placed in my life. I remember going to the altar for prayer when the Mama Hill clan visited St. Francis. Also, I can’t forget the many activities that were put together for me, and the other students to be a part of.

I apologize if I haven’t become exactly what you all wished for me, but it’s important that you know that your presence and the love and support you have shown me are what saved my life. Your lessons are what kept me from stepping into danger, because being under your wings taught me right from wrong. Your love and kindness give me strength every day. I’m still working, so please be patient with me as I continue to grow. Thank you for keeping me alive!

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