Mama Hill’s Help is known by everyone in the community as a "safe haven", providing a safe and drug free place where every month neighborhood youth come to get help in tutoring, job skills training, violence and molestation prevention, gang intervention and prevention, anger management courses, conflict resolution, music appreciation, life skills, pregnancy prevention and abstinence, school exit exams, and college preparation.

Mama Hill's Help Inc. Disclaimer: Our arms can only reach so far. We save as many children and youth as we can. It’s a combined effort of Mama Hill’s Help, Inc. and the Parents/Guardians in order to make it work. “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Check out this Great! documentary on the Watts community

This Documentary is about the Los Angeles community of Watts. Its history and present from parcel lands, to the immigration of blacks of the south through today’s Hispanics. It focuses on Watts’ struggles relating to violence and gangs, unemployment, lack of adequate transportation and housing. It is presented by The Watts Neighborhood Council and produced […]

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Mama Says…

May 8, 2014 We Got Her! On April 15th, after a long and painful waiting period, I received a text: “We got her! She’s in the car with us and we’re taking her home.” The text was from Dr. Vicki Radel and Peter Lattey. Those were the sweetest words I could possibly hear. After 3 […]

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Honoring Beloved Supporters, Family & Friends

Love, peace, dedication and commitment to our children is the foundation that all JUST societies reside upon. Here at Mama Hill’s Help we all share in the single vision of nuturing, supporting, educating, encouraging and guiding our “COOKIES” to a brighter, exciting and limitless future, defined only by the bounds of their imagination. Join us in celebrating the lives […]

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